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High Fire Clays

Cone 10 Earth-colored Stoneware Clays produce durable ware and most will react favorably to the manipulation of air, gas and smoke in reduction firing. These clays have good plasticity and will perform well in both wheel throwing and hand building methods.

White Stoneware Clays also have good plasticity and contain sand to increase their strength and workability, making them slightly open when fired. These clays have become very popular because of the clean canvas they provide for a myriad of glaze colors. Some iron speckling can occur but for the most part, glaze colors are not affected.

Cone 5 or 6 Stoneware Clays are similar to Cone 10 clays in their workability and represent potential savings in lower firing costs. The lower firing temperature and oxidation atmosphere allow for the use of a large palette of ceramic stains and cause less warping of the ware.

Traditional Applications
Tableware may be made with stoneware clays with smooth to slightly coarse fired surface textures and low water absorption. Recommended clays include Cone 10: WC-370, WC-841, WC-379, WC-382, #900, #590, #510; Cone 5: WC-877, WC-400, WC-401, WC-402, #50, #55, #65.

Ovenware may be made from most stoneware clays provided the ware is well designed and the user is aware of potential thermal shock and how to avoid it. Cone 5 stonewares tend to be less susceptible to thermal shock but all ovenware made of stoneware should be heated and cooled gradually. Recommended clays include Cone 10: WC-389, WC-376, #750, #910; Cone 5: WC-851, WC-877, #30, #60, #70.

Wall Tile clay selection is completely dependent on one’s individual design considerations. Recommended clays include Cone 10: WC-389, WC-376, #310, #950; Cone 5: WC-397, WC-394, #30, #45, #66.

Floor Tile, on the other hand, should be made from a strong, durable clay to withstand wear and abuse. Commercial producers employ special production techniques to increase the durability and provide lower shrinkage. Recommended clays for floor tile include Cone 10: WC-371, WC-372, WC-381, WC-885, #901; Cone 5: WC-397, WC-365, #30, #45, #60.

Sculpture Clays contain significant amounts of sand and grog in various mesh sizes and are formulated for a low rate of shrinkage. These clays are designed to accommodate large handbuilt, wheel thrown or sculpted projects. Recommended clays include WC-371, WC-372, WC-381, #901, #950 which are listed as Cone 10 but may be fired to Cone 5 or lower for sculpture work; WC-390, WC-392, #30, #45, #66, #75 are Cone 5 sculpture bodies, again often fired lower for sculpture.

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Western Cone 5 Clays
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Western Cone 10 Clays
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