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Low Fire Clays

Low fire clay tends to be either reddish or white in color and because of its porosity, glazing is required to create a waterproof surface. When fired, these clays are non-vitreous and have low shrinkage. Low fire dinnerware does not take extremely hot temperatures well, and repeated exposure to such temperatures can result in cracking and crazing. Laguna’s low fire, high talc clays are used commercially, by hobbyists and in educational programs.

Traditional Applications
Low Fire Clays provide a good medium for small throwing, handbuilding and modeling projects. Recommended clays include: EM-207, EM-210, EM-330, EM-338, #10, #20. The following basic low fire clays contain sand to facilitate their use on somewhat larger forms: EM-212, EM-214, #10-G, #20-G.

Sculpture Clays are designed for larger projects where varying thickness becomes a factor. Recommended clays: EM-215, EM-234. Cone 06 sculpture bodies include #10-G, #26.

Other low fire clays have specific uses which are usually described in their title, i.e. 06 #5 Pressing and 06 #8 Pressing. .

Note: Forming methods, drying techniques and firing schedules will all effect your results with any clay. Always test an unfamiliar clay before ordering it in quantity.

Application Charts for
Low Fire Clays:
Western Cone 06 Clays
Western Cone 06 Clays
Eastern Cone 06, 2 & 4 Clays
Eastern Cone 06, 2 & 4 Clays
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