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Porcelains are most commonly known for their whiteness and for having some degree of translucency. They are pure and vitreous which gives them their inherent glaze fit quality and unparalleled hardness and durability. Laguna offers a variety of prepared moist porcelain clays in firing temperatures ranging from Cone 3 to Cone 10.

Dave’s Porcelain (WC-384) and #570 are outstanding Cone 10 throwing bodies and are also excellent for slab projects when a hard clay is desired. Cone 10 Windsor Porcelain (WC-879) is made with a highly plastic, imported kaolin, and translucent when construction is thin. A good Cone 5 clay is #15.

Traditional Applications
Sanitaryware is usually made from porcelain or porcelain-like clays. Hardness and durability as well as flawless glaze fit are key factors in their function.

Wind chimes create a nice sound when made of thin porcelain. If other less vitreous clays are used, consider glazing them to heighten their tone.

Tableware, Tile, and Sculpture functions are greatly enhanced when made with porcelain. The smooth, white, hard qualities provide an ideal surface for glaze colors to achieve depth and clarity. Porcelain is waterproof and very durable, making its use for dinnerware especially popular.

Application Charts for
High Fire Stonewares
& Porcelains:
Western Cone 5 Clays
Western Cone 5 Clays
Western Cone 10 Clays
Western Cone 10 Clays
Eastern Cone 6 Clays
Eastern Cone 6 Clays
Eastern Cone 8 & 10 Clays
Eastern Cone 8 & 10 Clays
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