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Axner Brand Clay Body

Max's Wt. Scu./Raku Paper Clay

Certified Nontoxic, Conforms to ASTM C-1023/D-4236
Fires gray-stony white in reduction at cone 10, off white at cone 5 oxidation, and bright white at Cone 05 (raku). It is a medium textured, low shrinkage body designed for large-scale hand-built sculpture and tile work where thick cross sections (up to 1 inch) are anticipated. Contains a moderate amount of fine and medium mesh grog.

Price: 50 lbs. boxed @ $0.735/lb
Cone: 06-10
Wet Color: Light Gray
Fire Color
Oxidation: Cool Off-White
Reduction: Dk. Gray/Black
Texture: Coarse
Penetrometer Target: 6
Avg. Shrinkage 2±% 14%
Avg. Water Absorption 2±% 5%
COE x 10-6: 6.175

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