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Axner Brand Clay Body

Norma's Porcelain Clay

Certified Nontoxic, Conforms to ASTM C-1023/D-4236
This body fires cool white with medium translucency in reduction at Cone 10. Originally designed by Harlan House, it is a classic, high-in-Kaolin, low-in-ball clay, porcelain for throwing and handbuilding. It is particularly easy to trim and dry and is known as a very trouble-free body. Develops an extremely wide range of colors in wood fired kilns. This is Axner's most popular porcelain. All three of our porcelains throw so well you will be surprised (it is very similar to throwing a good stoneware).

Price: 50 lbs. boxed @ $0.626/lb
Cone: 10
Wet Color: Off-White
Fire Color
Oxidation: White
Reduction: Off-White
Texture: Smooth
Penetrometer Target: 8
Avg. Shrinkage 2±% 13%
Avg. Water Absorption 1±% 1%
COE x 10-6: 6.21

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